This page contains a selection of free online lessons. You will find links to YouTube videos, PDFs and backing tracks. The lessons presented here are for a range of playing abilities and are not planned as a structured course. Students attending my 1 to 1 lessons can of course expect an organised course of lessons aimed at their individual needs.

Notation guide

Afro-Cuban 6/8 (Nanigo)

  • Afro-Cuban 6/8 – Double Paradiddle     pdf     video

Bass Drum Technique

  • Triplet Lick (Dennis Chambers Style)     pdf     video



  • 3/4 Dragadiddle Exercise     pdf    


  • RRL Lick – Get Creative with Just Three Notes     pdf      video

Get Inspired!

  • Develop Your Passion For Drumming     pdf

Ghost Notes

  • part 1 – Rock “8-Beat” Feel     pdf     video
  • part 2 – Swung 8th Feel     pdf     video

Jungle / Drum ‘n’ Bass

  • Will’s Jungle/DnB Play-Along     pdf     audio     video

Music Theory

  • Time Signatures… Explained     pdf


  • Inverted Paradiddle Beats (RLLR LRRL)     pdf    video


Single Stroke Roll

  • Alternating Lead, Bounce Workout     pdf

Six Stroke Roll

Here are some ideas based on the six stroke roll…

Swiss Ruff

  • Swiss Ruff     pdf    

Time Exercises

These basslines are designed to challenge your sense of time. In each track the bassline will drop out for a set number of bars, when this happens there is no click track to keep you in time. If you can stay in time, when the bass re-enters it will line up perfectly with your groove again. Start out simple with a basic groove that fits the bassline. As you get better at keeping time in the breaks you can begin to make your grooves more complex, add some fills, or even try to improvise a solo in the silent bars.

  • Funk, 110bpm, 2 bar breaks         audio
  • Funk, 110bpm, 4 bar breaks         audio
  • Rock, 130bpm, 4 bar breaks         audio
  • Rock, 130bpm, 8 bar breaks         audio
  • Shuffle, 120bpm, 4 bar breaks     audio
  • Jazz, 160bpm, 12 bar breaks        audio

The following click tracks will gradually give you less and less information, making it harder and harder to stay in time. First it marks every 1/4 note, then it only plays on beat 1, then beat 1 every two bars, then every four bars, and finally just one click every 8 bars.

  •  Click Challenge     bpm:     90     100     110     120     130     140     150     160

. . .more coming soon